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I mean, really, does anything more need to be said?

(No, not back yet.)
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Tis a crossover post from my flash fictions from [ profile] looseferrets. Sure, this could be just a normal entry, but what would be the fun in that? (Considering the circumstances...also could have fun with Zippy, my electrical rewair...perhaps this evening...)


Bathroom cleaning. Not exactly the most exiting of summer jobs. When this task is told, people shirk away and verbally pat my back as if I am in some quagmire of despair. Actually, my former job, telemarketing to get the college money, caused a little more horrified awe than this one, so perhaps I'm in better realms.

I don't find the job bad so far. Despite micromanaging and waking at 5 every morn, as long as I'm kept busy, the time goes fast and I slip through, the sounds of my odd song mixes and podcasts running through my head (briefly drowned out by the flushing of toilets).

The actual cleaning consists of making the room into a winter wonderland of white suds, scrubbing like mad, and then spraying off every surface with splattering effects. Nothing to it really. And safety percausions are taken. I hand wipe the area over the sink's florescent lights and tape over the plug (which has a safety switch anyway).

What I didn't take into account for some strange reason was the light switch. Nothing had been told to me about the thing. I generally avoided it when scrubbing and spraying down walls, and after ten floors, didn't pay attention to it. Yet, on the twenty-second bathroom, something was different.

A swirl of smoke was swirling up from the light switch as I was finishing up spraying. I found that strange. Sure, the hot water from the hose gave off steam, but not usually like that, and it seemed to literially be flowing from behind the switch. I look a closer look. I saw a flickering glow just below the switch.

There I was, in rubber books, rubber glove, holding a dripping hose and standing in a few inches of water, thinking that was Not A Good Thing. So I switched it off, plunging the bathroom into darkness. The smoldering glow persisted, I realized it looked like red hot metal in there...

POP. In a sudden snap of sparks and burning wire, the light switch a lit in a blinding electrical flash. I, predictably, yelled, opened the door and leaped out of the bathroom. I think it says a little of my nature that the words I yelled were the less traditional "Holy Schnike!"

The rest from there was just me babbling at the building's electrician and it being fixed within an hour. Apparently (and obviously) water had gotten into the switch, which than burst and then blew the bathroom's fuse. Yes, it was my brush with danger today, and I am still here to present it to you. So beware of light switches during water gun fights...and keep out of college bathrooms in the engineering sector. Trust me.

EDIT: Plus, the hose literally burst all over my back. I thought it was an evil grad student throwing a water balloon.
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Tis Saturday, and as I look back on memes I haven't completed yet. I'm opening myself up to another meme (icon meme delay be danged!). Stolen from [ profile] ozymandiusjones you may ask me anything about the odd tendrils of my universes which You've Never Wondered About But May Now Be Tempted to ask. I have a lot of things that I've never bother getting into because the proper segues have never arose.

Segues are weird.

Ask about anything, and I quote: "A complete list of characters. Dialect. history. what form of currency a setting uses. ALMOST ANYTHING!"

I'm still considering questions to ask others. Perpetual delay.


Perpetual delay sounds softer. Here's a vague list of projects. Or anything else that comes to mind.
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There's a Pride and Prejudice comic book from Marvel.

No, really. There is.

*coughs* Sorry.

*promptly puts this on comic book list next to Guardians of the Galaxy*

EDIT - After looking at previews and reviews when coming home from work: Ow.

*continues reading Guardians of the Galaxy*
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Argh. I'm not quite sure a two hour binge of Questionable Content on me lappy during my proctor job was worth it. Sure, the comic tickles part of my college funny bone and the side of me that appreciates absurd metaphors with dashes of absurd random comments, but it goes so slooooooooow. Takes me an hour to get through less than 50...I think. But it makes sense, the amount of text in an average QC strip is exponentially more verbose than five normal webcomic strips COMBINED.

Perhaps its also slow because of the rather conventional style of it. Very quiet. Nothing visually interesting...but, it's a comic about relationships and indie fans, so it does what it needs to do. Does remind me that I need to continue reading the visually stunning and quirky dialogued and wonderfully convoluted Girl Genius...

Yes...soon...and read something besides "All Creatures Great and Small" because its brilliant but good 'gates its long. It's like the longest short story complication of all time. Perhaps I'm weak and need to test another of those fluff urban fantasy reads...

What does this have to do with anything? Not sure.
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Had one of those exceptionally rare hunkering-down-and-writing-the-essay-a-week-before-its-due moments tonight. It was about lab rats so it might have been cheating a little bit. But, I just need to keep on plugging. Gonna be a looooooong day on the marrow.

*reads paper* I don't think its possible to use "fuzzy" in a research paper.

It's a rough draft!

And how about this stuff about raccoons...

Urm...its a philosophy course. Dangit, I've become predictable.
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*fends off busy schedule with a stick*

I think the telemarketing job days are numbered. The janitorial job is going quite swimmingly. Just so much information on every matter of cleaning tactic that it's taking all my power to keep from raising a quizzical brow.

And I am finding a new appreciation of Redwall poems and songs now that I'm hearing them actually put to music. Rather nifty stuff actually...I wonder if Rusty Chain is on here...ah, I guess that was more just a casually morbid vermin poem than a song...still...I can't find that poem online, I'll have to transcribe that at some point. Ooo...wait, here it is...

Excerpt from 'The Bellmaker' to cheer any Monday mood )

And about that point...I really wanted to hear more about the Rusty Chain.

EDIT - Not to sound like I'm fishing...but why am I suddenly tempted to make a short Ratigan flipbook?
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Cross-posted from dA...cause spontaneity has a quota.
Red shoes.
The color blue.
What to do?
Should I go "boo!"
To make a hullabaloo?

Or should I sue?
Or learn Kung Fu?
Watch Winnie the Pooh?
(The Russian one )
Go to he loo?

With a poem so true,
Like otters from a zoo,
I bet they wish too,
That I weren't 22.

What the heck just happened?

I'm...not quite sure, Ronts.

Actually, I don't want to know. But wouldn't have it any other way. Happy B'day, dude.

*I forget what this means though I'm the main contributor of it being created...but I think it means "Society to Protect Our Eyes" or something along those lines.
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Nothing like a good ol' shiny upbeat musical to calm the mind. Sorta. Anyway, Footloose was quite a fun musical...and shiny...and bright...and OH DANGIT ARGH SONGS STUCK IN HEAD. WHY?!

Now to study for Business Law (which, oddly enough, is becoming my favorite class this year. No, I really have no idea how that happened. Perhaps it was the teacher's roller coaster, it's just the brilliant teacher.)
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Pick ANY character of mine and I will tell you their:
01. Full name
02. Best friend
03. Sexuality
04. Favorite color
05. Relationship status
06. Ideal mate
07. Odd Skills/Skills in general
08. Last Amusing Escapade
09. Favorite food
10. Crushes
11. Favorite music
12. Biggest fear
13. Biggest fantasy
14. Quirks
15. Bad habits
16. Biggest regret
17. Best kept secrets
18. Last thought
19. Worst sexual/romantic experience
20. Biggest insecurity

I need to challenge myself about my character a heck of a lot more. And get them better in full names. Here's some of the basics from the shush pile: Ronts, Veat, Robby/Rob, Fluff, Misty, Zippy, Fireclaw, Rex Plushpaw, Kris, Thomas, Maxwell J. Sterling, Tirete U. Meier, the Banche, the Veterinarian, Caren, Aurora, Dringer, Dr. Theodore Gryff, Mike, Medit, Keage, Troy, Noone, Toby and Joey...

I should actually give their species...but where would the fun be in that?
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The Spring Break has been downright wonderful so far and vaguely productive. OK, not today. Today was just a mass of "Oh...I appear to have done nothing but fiddle with the Internet in some way or another."

This was not helped by me going to the library and 'testing' the wireless capabilities of the new Laptop of Extreme Awesome (I'm not taking Rex's suggestions for names, obviously). But...that was so completely worth it that I cannot just stop from beaming at people wildly while they shuffle nervously away.

Mostly, for some reason, I avoiding doing things I should have been doing, like doing an LJ entry to mark Phase Two of Odd Internet Developments. One of my most ranted about things that I've always suspected would never happen happened during an innocuous shopping trip to the Big City.

Here there be Hats. )


I somehow went into procrastination mode and let Kyrah beat me to the punch.


Feb. 17th, 2009 10:47 pm
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This is a rather brilliant talk about creativity.

It comes back to my original thoughts about inspiration, the thoughts I had when I was a simpler soul. Because my muse is still rather raccoon-ish, feeling about in the murk, quirky, distractable, and utterly hard to corral. I'm not sure I'd call him a genius, but if he ever gets me anywhere, I'd feel a lot more comfortable blaming him. Creativity is a weird thing. And writers are too insane to hold it all in themselves. ^^

Onward to the Business Law exam.
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Winter Carnival weekend. Time of snow statues from engineers to CS majors. Carving stuff from snow in below 0 temps.

All that I care is that I had my annual deep fried Snicker...and Milky Way...and another Snicker.


So bad for my system...but so wonderful.
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I seriously wonder if I should feel old when no one understand my references to Spaceman Spiff. Oh, come on! I'm not that out of it.


OK! I am out of it, but not when it comes to that.
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Good 'gates, its snowing like gangbusters out there. WHEN WILL IT STOP?*

If you know my location in this world, that has a lot more significance.

In other news...I apparently do not have much homework on the weekends. *shifty eyes* This semester is Definitely gonna come to haunt me later.

*Times like this that I'm glad I scrounged that VGCats icon.
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There is a few things that I ought to get done this weekend. First and foremost*, I must finish the infamous NaNoWriMo plot that is hovering at the back of my brain. I figure the story is not a novel unless it is finished. And it is not right for me to end the book with a "ENTER SECOND EVIL MASTERMIND WITHOUT TELLING WHO HE ACTUALLY IS."

I think I am still rather annoyed that I'm using both the main villains that were to appear in a later novel. Then again, I should get out of the whole "I can't make any other characters! RECYCLE THE OLD ONES!" The entire point of the NaNoWriMo was to see if I had enough material to fill up an entire Novel. Answer: Yes. Functional Novel? Maybe. I still need to

I am a pantser when it comes to stories. And by pantser, I mean a seat-of-the-pantser. I'm not good at plotting out my novel moment by moment before I start writing it. I don't have a good sense of the situation or the characters or what might happen. I just write. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't. The writing trail must continue. I must get on a writing schedule. OR SOMETHING.

And stop using caps lock. I need to be on a more steady creative flow, because I'm obviously capable of creative and abstract thought, but within my little plateau, who knows if I'm quite challenging myself enough. There is not a limit. I have ideas that part of me has brushed off.

Perhaps some writing contests...I still miss those Terrouge writing challenges...

* I say first and foremost, but it ought to be second. You stuffs...*coughs*
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Thursday is my week's Friday. It is the night that I can lay back with no worries of assignments coming to grab me by the shins. The time where I proctor a college nursing class and read a good book in the background. But it is also a long class day, but even that is a small qualm because classes are going well...just need to get a better work schedule.

I did a presentation to a class today of Freshmen. I was called in because of my supposed expertise in comics. I find this misperception hilarious. I came in and showed my comics and caused some snickers from two girls on the left side. The rest were impervious to my humor (though I caught a few ill-hid smiles from time to time). Still, showing all my stuff and explaining where I get my inspirations and characters sorta made me want to do an actual comic one day instead of my humor one-shots that I do so enjoy doing.


We'll see how that goes. Freshmen are rather hard to impress, it seems. ^^
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[the nose is awesome]
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I sit here contemplating peanut butter. Such a fantastically designed substance. In fact, I think I will quote my NaNo in this time of need.

"The master-some power of such a simple confection. Of a golden color, deceptive in its brown undertone, soft and creamy, seeping into the nooks and crevasses of taste. Who could master such majesty in a jar, that made use of the modest peanut in a way past simple convention an unto pure perfection? Oh, how he worshiped the memory of George Washington Carver at these times if sweet delight.

So went the effect of peanut butter upon the maw of Ronts the rewair."

And upon my own mouth at this time. I quite forgot the creamy goodness of high-end peanut butter like Jif. Sure, the generic brand was cutting it, but to have Jif returned to the boundaries of my mouth, I relish the simple pleasure of peanut butter.

Because some things never change.

In other news, SCRUBS IS BACK! w00t! The only show I bother watching on TV on a regular basis anymore! And it a bit more laid back this season, without the over-the-top fantasy sequences they've been doing and a lot more parts for Ted the lawyer. WEEEEE! I luff this show so much.

Also plodding along with writing, which is Quite Fun. I find that moors are cool landscapes and I'm exploring characters untouched and I just love the fogginess. Part of me is hankering for a first-person pov, because I've missed it since Endangered (my old Redwall vermin epic) has been on hiatus and I've just discovered old writings from my notebooks in 2002 that have a first-person perspective of Ronts (who was known as Rounts back then, go fig). I quite forgot that all of my first 'novel attempts' were in that addicting first-person.

Speaking of which, I've figured out (I don't know what took me so long to figure this out), that Ront means "a runt"...which fits well with Ronts's younger years...

Ooo, the possibilities. (Ooo, and here's a fun possiblity. Rontau, Romania. Or he could have been born in any of these obscure locations...but I think I'll stick with Romania...though Rontsa, Finland does sound tempting.
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