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The last few years any thoughts I’ve felt the need to share with the unknown masses of the Internet has been through Twitter.

Twitter is nice in a lot of ways. There’s only so much of my stupid that can be exposed when I’m limited to 140-character chunks. And since I only occasionally have a thought that is under 140-characters, using Twitter has muted much of my thoughts. If I ever write anything long-form, it inevitably ends up lingering in my Evernote account, never to seen by anyone, except for a rare occasion that I feel like face-palming over past opinions.

I find though that Twitter lacks some things. I think I follow too many people on Twitter, and when someone follows too many people on Twitter, I get fragments of hundreds of people every hour, and very rarely capture an actual detailed picture of any one person’s life. Twitter is nice for catching random details flowing by, but not for capturing an image. From these random details, the public is expected to respond to them, and with the short nature of tweets, it is tricky to always respond to them properly. There’s not as much to respond to, especially when there’s a hundred or so other tweets the last minute which are also clambering for a response.

It’s a dash overwhelming at times.

I’ve found the most successful tweeters are peeps who respond to those people they know outside of Twitter, and on a rare occasion respond to someone else. They don’t worry about responding to the masses, they worry about responding to a group of a dozen or so people who have like interests and opinion, and don’t embroil themselves too much with the rest. Twitter for them is pretty much a chat program, except others can see and attempt to join in if they wish (with mixed results).

I’ve found I’m not good with Twitter. Perhaps I don’t have the personality for Twitter. I think of dozens of possible tweets over the course of a day, but maybe only one or two will make it there, and only if I manage to turn my mind off long enough to now worry about the tweet content too much. I’m a person who grew up on forums and edited content 2-3 times every time I posted. I worry about every little piece of stuff I let loose on the Internet. I never know what the heck it may do. Words are never just words on the Internet. Nothing is ever as it seems.

So why am I now feeling nostalgic for LiveJournal? I’ve said in the past that LJ has the impressive ability to get me sounding cheerful to depressed in the course of two paragraphs. But there was something nice about posting long-form thoughts to a small group of people who may on occasion comment on the thing you didn’t think any person in their right mind should have read. (Seriously. Why? It was me yelling about Rocket Raccoon’s design in the 2008 run of Guardians of the Galaxy. It was terrible!)

I suppose it would be nice to get those words out there again, even if no one comments or reads them, instead of having them lurk in Evernote forever.
Maybe it’s time to take a chainsaw to my overblown friend list and start using LiveJournal again…
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