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1. Write More
Need to write more stuff. Stories, novels, reviews. Anything besides text messages and internet chats.
How will I do this?
- Daily Writing (250 words a day)
- Buddy system (Find a few friends to write with and do buddy-checks with.)
- Attempt to get things published! (Submit stories, both old and new)

2. Get Job in Salt Lake City
Why Salt Lake City you ask? It's a great starter city: not too big, but lots of things to see and do. Plus, almost all my best friends live there (and lots of potential friends). If I hunker down and dig into the jobs, I'm certain find at least one that will take me in.
How will I do this?
- Reboot resume (If anyone has good resume advice or is willing to do some edits of my current resume, anything would be welcome)
- Send out to more places, more often (I have the horrible habit of submitting to a half dozen jobs, then promptly not submitting to any more for a few months afterward)

3. Loose Ferrets - Continued!
Loose Ferrets has been running for over two years now. However, I fear both the comic and my art style are growing stagnant. Plus, my audience has sorta hit a lull in growth. Things need to be done to keep Loose Ferrets moving forward and upward.
How will I do this?
- Advertising campaign (I have an intro strip scripted that needs to be drawn, which will be used when I do advertising for Loose Ferrets)
- Style development (Just need to keep poking at the comic, trying to make myself a better artist as I keep on drawing. Maybe move to digital. Also, BACKGROUNDS!)
- Script editing (Reevaluate where the stories and characters are going.)

4. Regi Tesla's Untitled Video Blog (Title Pending)
Ever since I've gotten my ferret-otter-weaselthing, Regi Tesla, I've wanted to grow the character more than was possible during furmeets and conventions. I've also wanted to play with my video skills. This may be a question and answer blog. Might just be a series of random skits and music. All I know is at first, they will be hopefully be short and manageable. I may buy a new web cam for this adventure.
How will I do this?
- Consistent filming time (I will film and edit responses at set times during the week. Hopefully form a habit of doing this)
- Collaborators (Maybe get some people to help with scripting, ideas, and filming. Might make it more manageable than a solo endeavour. This would only be plausible if I achieved getting a job in Salt Lake City).

5. Redwall (and Random Other Books) Reading Review Podcast
I've wanted to do a Redwall retrospective podcast for many years now. I think it would be fun to re-read the books I adored so much as a kid and see how the narratives hold up now that I'm older. Ideally, I would like to do this project with one or two co-hosts. This podcast wouldn't necessary only review Redwall books.
How will I do this?
- Find co-hosts (Either people who will be available for all shows, or so shows.)
- Figure out format (Need to find right structure so shows won't ramble too much. Might take a book club format.)

6. Take over the world.
Still working on plan for this.
How will I do this?
- Chinchillas
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