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Well, I best go off to the library and work on projects.

"Why do you need to do that? Couldn't you just stay at home and work on stuff?"

Ur...yes, but I think there's less distractions in the library.

"Dude, you bring your laptop. THERE'S JUST AS MANY DISTRACTIONS."

That might be true, but the atmosphere promotes productiveness. Anyway, I need to write some papers and such that are due on Tuesday.

"Why not do it on Monday?"'s Monday. This is Sunday.

"But you have the entire afternoon on Monday to work on stuff."

Yeah, but that's a shorter period of time that you might expect. Anyway, I have a tasklist of stuff I want to complete today so...

"Perhaps NaNoWriMo?"

If I have time, yeah, but first...

"Come on, you know you want to."

Maybe but I...

"How about just watch a few videos on YouTube, sketch a little bit, and have a nice quiet Sunday at home reading? Sounds like the proper way to enjoy a Sunday."

If I'd actually done this stuff on Saturday but...

"Sunday is the new Saturday, dude. In fact, look at what you're doing now. Just think of how nice it is to chat with me for a little while."


"Come on...come forth...just sit back and relax and..."

*bonk* What have I told you about chatting with procrastination! GET TO THE LIBRARY WITH YE!

Thanks, Ronts. *flees*


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