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Another one of those quiet days where I consider that I ought to be doing something and yet it seems like the only thing I really want to do is sit in a corner and read or draw or write for a bit. I am trying to finish up Under the Bed before November comes. I think I shall try to tie it up by means of working on a few pages each day.

Who knows, perhaps I'll surprise myself by actually finishing it tonight...

There is various bothersome things that I need to be doing this next week:

- GRE TEST NEXT SATURDAY (Part of me says I ought to be panicking about it much more than I have. Bothersome)
- Resume revision (Because, it seems there might be a quality job in the future. Not the sort I'd aspire to...but I still don't know what sort of job I'd aspire to yet, so I'll take any job.)
- Interview project (something I should have gotten done last week.)
- Study for Chem (on-going deal...just need to do the homework.)
- review Quoit (finished reading this a few weeks ago...)

There are other things...I'm certain I shall remember later. So Sunday is Sunday. Mmm...thought I would have something more profound to say. Off to more important things. I'm going to call my Farmer Grandma and wish her happy birthday.

P.S. Do I know anyone in Duluth that I don't know of?
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