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*whistles* I ought to say something about not updating my LJ...mmm...nah.

I love how you spin phrases like that.



Ah, well. Getting familiar with bachelor life and finding it oddly over-rated, if only for the fact that I'm just as productive as before. My mind at times makes these grandeous plans and scenery of what shall happen if a certain situation changes and that I'll make it work for the better to grand goals and adventures and buying a ferret as a pet.

Yeeeeeeeeah. Keep telling yourself that. I'm waiting for your sister's fish to die.

I hope that's not related to that Jack Aubrey Cookbook I saw you reading yesterday.

I can neither confirm nor deny.

Work is going well as you would expect. Janitorial is job that's a job that gets ye some money. Early morns, but also out by two. I evens out in the end.

And requires me to use the toaster to find creative ways to wake him up.

Not cool dude to rise to the smell of burning flesh. The nuttiness corrupted my nostrils.

The squirrel's tail was asking for it. I'm moving to the blender and bats tomarrow.

Anyhoo, I have grand adventures planned for at least three weekends in the next two months. Two of them being the first long road trips that I've ever taken alone. It shall require podcasts and musical interludes. Any recommendations welcome on either front.

Speaking of podcasts, Canon Mole Interludes keeps going forth. I think I shall make a habit of it and try and form a format for a writing/creative podcast based on the webzine w/ random interludes. I'll see how that works out...I need to do some research.

Instead of your method of poking a recording for ten minutes, yelling, then saying "I SHALL FEED IT TO THE BADGERS," proceeding to upload it half-baked. Why are you calling your audience badgers anyway?

It's a compliment. Also, need to get myself a studying for GRE and figure out what the heck my plans for After-College are. Jeeze. I should have delayed and switched majors or somethin'. I'm getting through this college thing quite fast. This is only complicated because my true interests seem to skitter for cover whenever I attempt to consider them.

I think a muse sucker is necessary.

A vaccum?

No, a lollypop. Cherry flavored.

Oooooh, that could help with my writing too...which is deplorable these days.

Only because you refuse to show it to anyone, fuzzbucket.

Truuuue...ah, breaks already over...I think this was a productive way to spend it.

Yep. Chattin' with a rusty character of questionable age.

Are you hinting towards your b'day that was...urm...August 7th...oooooh. Yer gonna hurt me soon, aren't you?

You'll never know until you know.

And I know I've read stuff like this from writers and artists tones of times...but its nice to have a retread. I need to improooove. So writers, read that you're not along in the struggle to have time.

Who's Mur?

'gates if I know. I just heard her pie stories on Drabblecast that one, Drabblecast...
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