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Alas, the family has went forth and made it to their destination safely. The house is too quiet, but this was expected. I'm gonna miss the steady action of events happening at all times. *sighs* I need to make plans and set myself into a schedule of some sort, perhaps go to His House again, though I keep managing to burn those bridges. XP They're a nice group and I keep forgetting...

Work is as odd as usual. Those hours are odd...must stop muttering about them. ^^

But the highlight of the day was going to see District 9. Which was, in a word, sobloodycoolnawesome. I was wary because it was an R rated film, and when something is R rated, it can through any number of unexpected things under the violence label. I can handle Matrix's stylized violence but gore sets me on edge.

This movie was violent and gory...but in a strange sci-fi way that wasn't as bad as expected. People literially exploded in blood when hit with the alien weapons, but it was so fast and over the top and thrilling, that it didn't phase me. In the end, the aliens were brilliantly rendered, the action was awesomely choreographed, there were many parts of weird humor that had me snickering madly, and the underlying message was used to a nice effect.

The alien kid was the coolest character ever.

This might be a really awesome sleeper hit of the summer if people have the sense to stop going to G.I. Joe. I went to that. It was horrible.

I hope for a sequel. How it ended it sorta possible...but unlikely. It is the ambiguity of the ending that finishes the film so perfectly. If you can handle sci-fi violence, you can handle this 'ere film and have a rip-roaring time. Most fun I've had since Star Trek.
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