Jun. 10th, 2009

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Tis a crossover post from my flash fictions from [livejournal.com profile] looseferrets. Sure, this could be just a normal entry, but what would be the fun in that? (Considering the circumstances...also could have fun with Zippy, my electrical rewair...perhaps this evening...)


Bathroom cleaning. Not exactly the most exiting of summer jobs. When this task is told, people shirk away and verbally pat my back as if I am in some quagmire of despair. Actually, my former job, telemarketing to get the college money, caused a little more horrified awe than this one, so perhaps I'm in better realms.

I don't find the job bad so far. Despite micromanaging and waking at 5 every morn, as long as I'm kept busy, the time goes fast and I slip through, the sounds of my odd song mixes and podcasts running through my head (briefly drowned out by the flushing of toilets).

The actual cleaning consists of making the room into a winter wonderland of white suds, scrubbing like mad, and then spraying off every surface with splattering effects. Nothing to it really. And safety percausions are taken. I hand wipe the area over the sink's florescent lights and tape over the plug (which has a safety switch anyway).

What I didn't take into account for some strange reason was the light switch. Nothing had been told to me about the thing. I generally avoided it when scrubbing and spraying down walls, and after ten floors, didn't pay attention to it. Yet, on the twenty-second bathroom, something was different.

A swirl of smoke was swirling up from the light switch as I was finishing up spraying. I found that strange. Sure, the hot water from the hose gave off steam, but not usually like that, and it seemed to literially be flowing from behind the switch. I look a closer look. I saw a flickering glow just below the switch.

There I was, in rubber books, rubber glove, holding a dripping hose and standing in a few inches of water, thinking that was Not A Good Thing. So I switched it off, plunging the bathroom into darkness. The smoldering glow persisted, I realized it looked like red hot metal in there...

POP. In a sudden snap of sparks and burning wire, the light switch a lit in a blinding electrical flash. I, predictably, yelled, opened the door and leaped out of the bathroom. I think it says a little of my nature that the words I yelled were the less traditional "Holy Schnike!"

The rest from there was just me babbling at the building's electrician and it being fixed within an hour. Apparently (and obviously) water had gotten into the switch, which than burst and then blew the bathroom's fuse. Yes, it was my brush with danger today, and I am still here to present it to you. So beware of light switches during water gun fights...and keep out of college bathrooms in the engineering sector. Trust me.

EDIT: Plus, the hose literally burst all over my back. I thought it was an evil grad student throwing a water balloon.


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