Apr. 16th, 2009

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Argh. I'm not quite sure a two hour binge of Questionable Content on me lappy during my proctor job was worth it. Sure, the comic tickles part of my college funny bone and the side of me that appreciates absurd metaphors with dashes of absurd random comments, but it goes so slooooooooow. Takes me an hour to get through less than 50...I think. But it makes sense, the amount of text in an average QC strip is exponentially more verbose than five normal webcomic strips COMBINED.

Perhaps its also slow because of the rather conventional style of it. Very quiet. Nothing visually interesting...but, it's a comic about relationships and indie fans, so it does what it needs to do. Does remind me that I need to continue reading the visually stunning and quirky dialogued and wonderfully convoluted Girl Genius...

Yes...soon...and read something besides "All Creatures Great and Small" because its brilliant but good 'gates its long. It's like the longest short story complication of all time. Perhaps I'm weak and need to test another of those fluff urban fantasy reads...

What does this have to do with anything? Not sure.


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