Jan. 23rd, 2009

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There is a few things that I ought to get done this weekend. First and foremost*, I must finish the infamous NaNoWriMo plot that is hovering at the back of my brain. I figure the story is not a novel unless it is finished. And it is not right for me to end the book with a "ENTER SECOND EVIL MASTERMIND WITHOUT TELLING WHO HE ACTUALLY IS."

I think I am still rather annoyed that I'm using both the main villains that were to appear in a later novel. Then again, I should get out of the whole "I can't make any other characters! RECYCLE THE OLD ONES!" The entire point of the NaNoWriMo was to see if I had enough material to fill up an entire Novel. Answer: Yes. Functional Novel? Maybe. I still need to

I am a pantser when it comes to stories. And by pantser, I mean a seat-of-the-pantser. I'm not good at plotting out my novel moment by moment before I start writing it. I don't have a good sense of the situation or the characters or what might happen. I just write. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't. The writing trail must continue. I must get on a writing schedule. OR SOMETHING.

And stop using caps lock. I need to be on a more steady creative flow, because I'm obviously capable of creative and abstract thought, but within my little plateau, who knows if I'm quite challenging myself enough. There is not a limit. I have ideas that part of me has brushed off.

Perhaps some writing contests...I still miss those Terrouge writing challenges...

* I say first and foremost, but it ought to be second. You know...college stuffs...*coughs*


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