Jan. 7th, 2009

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I sit here contemplating peanut butter. Such a fantastically designed substance. In fact, I think I will quote my NaNo in this time of need.

"The master-some power of such a simple confection. Of a golden color, deceptive in its brown undertone, soft and creamy, seeping into the nooks and crevasses of taste. Who could master such majesty in a jar, that made use of the modest peanut in a way past simple convention an unto pure perfection? Oh, how he worshiped the memory of George Washington Carver at these times if sweet delight.

So went the effect of peanut butter upon the maw of Ronts the rewair."

And upon my own mouth at this time. I quite forgot the creamy goodness of high-end peanut butter like Jif. Sure, the generic brand was cutting it, but to have Jif returned to the boundaries of my mouth, I relish the simple pleasure of peanut butter.

Because some things never change.

In other news, SCRUBS IS BACK! w00t! The only show I bother watching on TV on a regular basis anymore! And it a bit more laid back this season, without the over-the-top fantasy sequences they've been doing and a lot more parts for Ted the lawyer. WEEEEE! I luff this show so much.

Also plodding along with writing, which is Quite Fun. I find that moors are cool landscapes and I'm exploring characters untouched and I just love the fogginess. Part of me is hankering for a first-person pov, because I've missed it since Endangered (my old Redwall vermin epic) has been on hiatus and I've just discovered old writings from my notebooks in 2002 that have a first-person perspective of Ronts (who was known as Rounts back then, go fig). I quite forgot that all of my first 'novel attempts' were in that addicting first-person.

Speaking of which, I've figured out (I don't know what took me so long to figure this out), that Ront means "a runt"...which fits well with Ronts's younger years...

Ooo, the possibilities. (Ooo, and here's a fun possiblity. Rontau, Romania. Or he could have been born in any of these obscure locations...but I think I'll stick with Romania...though Rontsa, Finland does sound tempting.


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